Testbedstudio is an architectural office. They work mostly within the urban field.

Members: Henric Ericsson, Anders Johansson, Fredrik Magnuson, Helena Mattsson, Magnus Nilsson, Katarina Rundgren, Erik Wingquist

Buromoscow is an architectural firm specialized in architecture, urbanism and research based in Moscow, Russia. Buromoscow has introduced an analytical and conceptual approach to design tasks not common yet to the Russian building market. In the past years the office has realized several social housing projects with the focus on improving prefabricated panel construction systems. The office is investigating alternative urban typologies in the framework of the changing soviet city. Due to the tremendous building volume in Russia the office production cover a range of projects from XS to XXL. Recently Buromoscow opened its dependence office Buroberlin in Berlin.

Team: Olga Aleksakova, Julia Bourdova, Andreas Huhn, Igor Aparyn, Bastian Henning, Lidiya Koloyarskaya, Natalia Remizova, Natalia Suhova, Olga Vlasenko, Dimitrij Zadorin

NORD is an awarded multidisciplinary design practice based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2003 by Johannes Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen, the studio can be described as a research journey through the intersection of architecture, design, city, culture and all the processes connected to this. The last five years NORD have worked especially within the topics of public buildings, creating new institutions and organizations, learning environments, urban spaces and urban development, process design and research on societal issues. Everything is carried by the ambition to discover and unfold the potentials of the relation between the spatial and the social.

Team: Johannes Pedersen, Morten Rask Gregersen, Maika Moerner Jensen, Moa Björnson

“Breathing city” is a result of The Barents Project carried out at the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), autumn 2008. The project was initiated and conducted by architect and assistant professor Magnus Jørgensen under the supervision of Vice-Dean Fredrik Shetelig of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art. It adds to the Department’s growing portfolio of projects on the High North over the last five years.

The Barents Project studio consisted of eight master level students from Norway, France and the Czech Republic and the course contained, in addition to the exhibited material, different workshops, teaching of research methods, a field trip and a series of lectures.

Team: Magnus Jørgensen, Ragnhild Førde, IngunnDanielsen Lindbach, Clemence Gabrielle Lepelletier, Katka Margoldova, Rune Stangeland, Synnøve Avsnes Sæle, Kari Dalland, Matteo Gabriel Albert Gregori

Pikene pa Broen, established in 1996, is a company of art curators and producers, based in Kirkenes, north-eastern Norway, close to the borders of Russia and Finland.

By our art projects we create meeting places and build bridges across national borders and across art genres. Promoting the idea of «Taking the world to the Barents and the Barents into the world» we started a series of «Border-Crossing Exercises» across Barents and other European borders.

Our main projects are an annual festival Barents Spektakel, Barents Art Triennale, Transborder Cafes, BAR International artists-in-residency program and other collaborative projects.

Team: Luba Kuzovnikova, Inger Blix Kvammen, Maria Rusinovskaya, Evgenia Egorova, Mona Danielsen

0047 is a platform for projects, exhibitions, publications and events in and in between the fields of art and architecture. 0047 is based in Oslo, Norway.

Team: Espen Røyseland, Øystein Rø, Tanja Bergqvist, Håvard Breivik, Hamish Trevis, Denis Shirshov, Isabel Ruiz


is born in Canada. Espíritu is a Senior Researcher at the Barents Institute in Kirkenes, Norway. Currently, her areas of research include quality of life studies in mono-industry towns in the Barents Region, cross-border identities and performances, gender, and inter-ethnic relations.

GERT A. GUNDERSEN has a Master Degree in Science, Planning and Public Administration. He is member of a number of UN/ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) expert teams responsible for UN/ECE reports “Country Profile on housing for Countries in Transition”. He was recently expert coordinator for UN/ECE’s study on the Russian Federation. Gundersen is also currently member of HUMAN (Housing and Urban Management Advisory Network), and is an expert advisor on “Housing and Health” (Europe) for WHO (World Health Organization). Gundersen lives and works in Bergen.

MAGNUS JØRGENSEN is an architect and an assistant professor at NTNU. He has a master degree in architecture from NTNU,Trondheim. He has also studied at the Hafen City University and HfbK in
Hamburg, Germany. He is currently teaching at the Department of Urban Design and Planning at NTNU, Trondheim.

GISLE LØKKEN is born in Stavanger, Norway. He is an architect MNAL, founding partner and manager of 70N arkitektur, where he continuously develops a reflective, critical and committed approach to architecture and planning. Løkken teaches at Bergen School of Architecture and at NTNU, Trondheim. He is regularly used as a lecturer and guest critic at architecture schools and architect associations, as well as jury member in competitions and prize committees, nationally and internationally, and his work has been exhibited, published and awarded. Løkken was member of the board of the Scientific Committee Europan 8 2004-2007, chairman of the board of the Architects Association of Northern Norway 2005-2008, and he is since 2009 vice president of the Association of Architects in Norway, NAL. Løkken lives and works in Tromsø, Norway.

JOAR NANGO is an architect with a Norwegian-Saami background. At the moment he is working at NTNU in Trondheim. Since 2007 Nango has been writing, editing and publishing "Sami Huksendaidda:the FANzine" as a part of his ongoing research on contemporary Saami

MORTEN A. STRØKSNES (born in Kirkenes) is a Norwegian historian, journalist and writer of creative non-fiction. He's been writing books from the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and more, and will be publishing a book from America (the US) in a few months. His latest book was the travelogue/essay "What's happening Up North?" (Hva skjer i Nord-Norge?) from 2006. Strøksnes lives and works in London, UK.

ALEXANDER SVERDLOV is born in Russia. Upon graduating from the Berlage Institute in 2002 Alexander Sverdlov worked as an architect and project architect at Neutelings Riedijk, West 8 and AMO/OMA. In 2007 he established his own independent design and research practice SVESMI in Rotterdam. During the last years he thought in various schools across Europe.

DENNIS ZALAMANS (Ph.Lic) is an urban and regional planner who is sharing his time between work at an architect office and academic research. He has a special interest in planning issues and cross boundary communication, and at the moment he is finishing a thesis about the situation in three twin-towns in the Baltic Sea Area; Haparanda-Tornio, Valga-Valka and Narva-Ivangorod.


Is born in Stokmarknes, Norway. He is an architect and co-founder of 0047.
Røyseland is director of 0047 and secretary of Europan Norway. He lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

is born in Trondheim, Norway. He is an architect and co-founder of 0047. He has been working on High North issues since he wrote the Transborder Kirkenes Strategy in 2005-06 with Hans Jørgen Wetlesen. Rø is director of 0047 and secretary of Europan Norway. He lives and works in Oslo, Norway.